A cloud kitchen uses a commercial kitchen for the preparation of food for the delivery to no dine-in buyers.

Cloud kitchen permits restaurateurs in expanding the restaurant already existing or to come up with a new virtual brand at fewer costs. It provides restaurateurs the opportunity to scale, explore new markets. In numbers, the restaurants use cloud kitchen as the experimental space, optimizing the staff and stock along with testing new thoughts.

There are 2 kinds of cloud kitchen business models-

1- Dedicated space cloud kitchen model- It’s the space that is rented or is bought by the brand solely…

Over the past days, cloud kitchen has become a popular investment choice for well-established and for new ones for coming up with a food business. Established restaurants are opening up the cloud kitchen outlets rather than opening the dine-in outlet for providing high-quality food order deliveries at your doorway.

The online food aggregators, primary enablers in this segment also have tried their hands on the same. The food ordering and delivering app had come up with the shared cloud kitchen space that has allowed new and existing restaurants to run delivery-only operations from the cloud kitchen.

Below are few points…

Dr Abhinav Saxena, a leading business coach is the owner of Cloud Kitchen Hub. dr.absaxena@gmail.com

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